Our Wines
Depending on the season, you will find a different variety of wine selections.
Bluff City White
A fruit forward dry white
Historic Newburgh 2017 Gold Medal
Hoosier Red - Pinot Noir
Blackberry aromas, rich deep flavor
Cowboy Up Red
Blush style, fruity and light with great aroma
Small Town White - Happy Trails
Tart, fresh and crisp with a citrus flavor
Historic Newburgh 2016 Gold Medal
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Refreshing with a clean finish
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Bluff City Red - Bourbon Barrel Concord
Smooth & Mellow
Historic Newburgh 2019 Silver Medal
Small Town Red
Smooth and sultry, big on grapiness
Historic Newburgh 2014 Bronze Medal
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Knob Hill Quencher
Full bodied, deep color and intensity
Historic Newburgh 2018 Bronze Medal & 2019 Gold Medal
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30.06 Red
Bursting with flavor and tartness
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Trail Mix
A fruit blend, always a favorite and unmatched flavor
Earthy and full bodied, an old timer's favorite
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"Full on" fruitiness, jammy and bold
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Bird Dog Blues
Fresh picked berries in a glass
Historic Newburgh 2014 Silver Medal & 2018 Silver Medal
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Lakeview Peach
Mouthwatering with a kick of spicy notes at the end, like a cobbler in a glass
Historic Newburgh 2015 Silver Medal
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Cowboy Up White
Tropical with a pineapple finish
Hoosier White - Moscato
Flavors of pear and hints of citrus
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Bursting with flavor
Historic Newburgh 2016 Gold Medal, 2017 & 2018 Bronze Medal
Sold Out
Tons of flavor, like summer in a bottle
Historic Newburgh 2019 Silver Medal
Red Raspberry
The aroma and taste are out of this world, 
like jam in a bottle
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Ripe, rich and round with a smooth finish
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Black Raspberry
Rich and jammy with great legs